Kamis, 26 Februari 2009


Readers also contribute to the dermatographism blog or read the dermatographism diary. Dermatographism is a lesser known skin problem that is becoming more common. This skincare problem is a special focus of this website. A skin care blog provides up to date information on recent changes to this website.

Skin Treatments and Skin Doctors

In dealing with these problems, individuals may be prescribed many healthy skin treatments by skin doctors or dermatologists. In addition to visits with doctors, many have experimented with their own all natural skincare treatments and all natural skincare products and facials. Individuals in search of healthy skin need to find skin treatments that specifically work for them. You need the expertise and guidance of skin doctors, but you also need to be aware of what triggers your condition. Skin problems are often very difficult to diagnose. Doctors can only act on the information that is provided to them. What makes your skin feel and look healthier and younger? What irritates it or causes a rash to develop?

External Influences that Affect Skin Health

The skin may also be affected by external influences such as insect bites or bug bites, wasp stings or wasp bites, bee stings, fire ant bites or fire ant stings, chigger bites, and even bed bug bites. Insect bites can cause minor skin reactions or more severe allergic type reactions. Another example of a significant external damaging influence on the skin is the sun. A section on sun tanning provides information on sun tanning tips, tanning bed safety, and skin cancer warning signs.

Skin Problems

The skin is vulnerable to skin problems such as rosacea (reddening of the face), urticaria or hives, spider veins and varicose veins, stretch marks, cellulite, impetigo, keratosis, dermatographism or dermographism (skin writing or skin drawing disease), and ingrown hair.